Traditionally, there are only five pillars in the system, but Safety is such an important aspect of any workplace organizational system, that many
organizations decided to add it as one more pillar.

Safety should be your biggest priority. Implementing the 6S model for organization will be a huge first step in creating a safe environment for your
staff. But it is only a first step.

What are some other things you can do?

• Make sure that your employees have the correct equipment for their job. Hardhats, coveralls, gloves and steel toe shoes are some typical items required in the warehouse or manufacturing complex.
• Train your staff to use the equipment correctly. Heavy equipment, electronics, forklifts and power tools are all dangerous to those who use them incorrectly.
• Easy to understand labels, signs and space markings contribute a great deal to creating a safe, visual workplace.
• Train your staff on exactly what to do in an emergency. From the seemingly small incidents like cuts and bruises, to the larger ones like injuries and fire, each employee should know what they need to do or whom they need to notify.

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